We produce over one million quality instruments annually
The name ENFM translated from Dutch means First Gauge Maker of the Netherlands. We are a third generation, family owned company founded in 1906. ENFM manufactures for worldwide distribution a complete line of analog pressure and temperature instruments. Strategically located in Schiedam, we are only 10 km from the world's largest seaport, Rotterdam, and 40 minutes from Schiphol International Airport in Amsterdam. Our 6000 square meter (65000 square feet) main production facility employs 120 people producing over one million quality instruments annually.

We manufacture pressure and temperature instruments for a wide variety of applications including Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Heavy Industrial, and Petro-Chemical. We are the world's leader in quality hydronic tridicator manufacturing.

ENFM manufactures and markets all products globally. Both service representatives and stocking distribution are available around the world. We maintain two international stocking locations, one in Florida managing our United States and Canadian customer base, and one in Germany. All locations are directly computer linked allowing for the latest, most accurate product information available.

Production Program
We manufacture a complete line of pressure gauges ranging in size from 40 mm (1") to 400 mm (16") cases, pressure ranges mm of water through 6000 bar (80.000 Psi). All bourdon tube actuated gauges are available in liquid filled and field fillable configurations. ENFM offers a variety of measuring systems including heavy duty, welded 316 stainless steel. We produce a complete line of severe service solid front safety gauges, both in phenolic and 304 stainless steel case designs. Diaphragm seals, electrical contacts, needles valves and other custom accessories are available.

Our temperature production includes both Bimetallic and nitrogen filled thermometers. We are the world leader in the production of quality hydronic pressure/temperature indication.

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