WARNING -- CONSULT ASME B40.1 before using any gauge!

ENFM offers a special series of SOLID FRONT SAFETY GAUGES (series 8000).
These gauges are specifically disigned to exhaust any failure of the measuring system through the back of the case which completely disengages releasing away from the operator. Laminated safety glass is a standard. All stainless steel measuring systems are helium leak tested confirming welding integrity.


Please refer to publication ASME B40.1 standard
  ALWAYS use the wrench flats located on all threaded connections. They are cut into the barstock and designed to take the necessary torque required for satisfactory, trouble free installation of your gauge.
  All ENFM instruments are calibrated with the understanding that the dial will be read on a vertical plane to the horizon. Atmospheric conditions can effect the zero indication of certain low pressure instruments used at non-calibrated angles.